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企业新闻 / 2021-11-01 10:39

本文摘要:相亲约会译成快,费时间两星期 已尽吾能够,记汝心本意 暴风眼是狂风暴雨的中心,也是最清静的一部分,在中心没风,一般来说苍穹太阳升起 暴风眼拍摄的照片 All right, I'll say good day to you this day of your time 日福! How are you all! 各位好!啊!


相亲约会译成快,费时间两星期 已尽吾能够,记汝心本意 暴风眼是狂风暴雨的中心,也是最清静的一部分,在中心没风,一般来说苍穹太阳升起 暴风眼拍摄的照片 All right, I'll say good day to you this day of your time 日福! How are you all! 各位好!啊! This transm has been titled 2020, The Eye Of The Storm. 此次提审的题目为《2020,暴风眼之年》 We would at this time like to get a little bit serious with you 如今,我们要和大伙儿闲聊一点“坦诚serious”的物品 Not the star system so much 推翻并不是“天狼星Sirus”那麼坦诚Serious But have what woul perhaps to be a Heart-To-Heart 能够讲到是“敞开心扉,倾情豁达”的坦诚Serious For what's coming up is very , in terms of your timing. 由于即将再次出现的事,从大家的机会显而易见,十分最重要! We have said that your year of 2020 is a p point in what you call your h 大家曾一度讲到过,今年,是大家在历史上的重要年 You are sh through a very part moment, crossing a very part threshold. 大家已经历经 一个十分相近的阶段,已经跨过 一个十分相近的门坎 And so at this timing, it is for certain states of being to be paramount within you 因此 ,在这期间,让自身心里保持在的某一特殊的情况,十分的最重要! To help you through this time, to help you cross that threshold in a positive an manner 这必须帮助你,以全力正脸的、全局性的方法,儿时这段时间,越过这一门坎 For what comes after will be pre, very strongly on what you do and who you are in 2020 由于,今年以后再次出现的事,十分多方面上,不尽相同你一直在这一年里,你是谁呀?及其,你保证了哪些? We will re the ideas we are about to share with you at the end of this transm in your holotope me in a very part way 在本次提审末尾的全息投影冥想训练阶段中,大家不容易用一种十分相近的方法,将大家接下去要共享资源的意识,提高到大家观念当中 But for now, we would like each an one of you to know 但如今,大家期望大家每一个人都告知: how it is for you to truly be yourselves in the coming year. 在未来的一年里,保证实际的自身,有多么的地最重要! How it will be for you to make that are in al with your best 保证明确的决择,聪明的规定,对你而言,有多么的地最重要! How it will be and how it is for you to remain at the center of the storm 保持在狂风暴雨的中心,对你而言,有多么的地最重要! Because if I may use some of your colloquial language. 由于,用一句大家“老话”而言 2020 is going to be nuts. 今年,感慨“索魂”了(Nuts干果、恐怖) It's going to be crazy! 今年,不容易很恐怖的! And it is of paramount that you remain, if you wish to be on a certain train, in the eye of the storm, where it's calm, where peace an rains, 因此 ,假如你期望来到某佩列车,假如你期望待在狂风暴雨的中心,处于一个平静友谊,能够怡然自乐、悠闲自在的自然环境里 where even though you may see the storm raging all around you, sw around you, thun an all around you. 即便 给你很有可能见到四周阴云密布、狂风暴雨、暴风雨、风靡八方 It is more than ever before, and more than it will be for quite a long time. 那麼,至关重要的,也比过去都最重要的多的,而且,在较长一段时间里,也都更加最重要的 this crossing, this threshold. this p year 便是在这个转折期,在这个门坎上,在这个重要一年里 To be at peace within yourself, to be calm within yourself 保持心里友谊,保持心理状态清静 To be centere the eye of the storm 让自身待在狂风暴雨的中心方向 So we woul encourage each an one of you to really take stock of who you really are 因此 ,大家抵触期待大家每一个人,只为思考一下:你到底到底是谁? And what kind of you really choose to make 你的确随意选择保证哪些的规定? And how they are or are not in al with what you truly wish your world to be. 及其,他们与你的确期望的全球,否相一致完全一致? We will give you a suggestion that may assist 大家获得一个提议,有可能对你们有一定的帮助 For most of you are at least to some familiar with what we have told you about 由于大家中的大部分人,曾听得大家讲到过,也在一定水平上熟识: how our worl? 这个世界,是怎样运行的? who we are in simple terms? 我们都是什么样的人? what we stand for? 大家意味着着哪些? and what reality we are encouraging you to align with, 及其,大家依然期待着大家,电台广播到哪些的实十步? So that you can experience eventually more contact with us and us with you. 进而促使最终,大家能够与大家有更为多的了解,大家也必须能够更好地与大家了解 It is crucial, cr in this coming year to set the stage, to set the foun for the years to come after 那麼,在2020年,大家就需要做好准备、打好基础,由于这十分最重要,也十分重要 With the state of being that represents that which is most harmonious with the v we have shared with you, that is representative of our reality, 调节大家的情况,让自身与大家曾共享资源的、象征着大家的空性的振频,保持着最好的人与环境共震 if you wish to have a reality, to shift to a version of earth where we can openly an with each other, in beauty, in harmony, in creativity, in love 仅有那样,大家才可以在未来的时光里,越过到一个与大家必须公布发布、支配权地了解的空性,才必须具有一个漂亮、人与环境、充满著想像力、充满著恋人的空性 And to have the ability to look deep within yourselves 而且,大家还务必认识自己心里,看清自身 And not allow the idea of fear-base to supersede your deep-seate of who you actually prefer to be, and what kind of a world you prefer to live in 不必让这些根据躁动不安的观念,占据大家对自身的多方面期望(喜好)的了解,也就是,大家期望(喜好)沦落什么样的人,及其生活在哪些的全球里 So we encourage you at any time in this coming year, when you allow yourself to stay at peace and be calm in the eye of the storm 因此 ,大家希望你,在2020年的给出時刻,如果你置身暴风眼当中,如果你平心静气、平心静气时 To think 只为回过头来: of what it would be like if you were如果你是大家中的一员,假如你来源于我们的星球,却生活在地球上,那麼,你肯定不会保证哪些的规定? How would we respond to the things that happened and come up the c an an that will arise in your year of 2020 如果是大家,将不容易怎样应付今年地球上再次出现的事,碰到的状况,遇到的机遇? And to come from that center of balance an and calm an an an an 静下心入睡,让自身转到平衡的中心方向,转到友谊、平静、衷于、激情和觉性的情况 And come from there, in your actions, 随后,以那样的情况到达,去行動 in your relations, in your un of others that you may encounter on your journey 以那样的情况去应急处置你的(社交)关联,去讲解你一直在这一段在旅途有可能遇到的别人 And to not settle for those things that you think in your opinion are the things that woul when you know in your heart they may not 不必(无可奈何自身),只能拒不接受这些你脑壳强调有可能对你有一定的帮助的物品,而实际上,你心里准确地告知,他们并无帮助 Create the vision of the world that you woul prefer to live in 创设一个“你期望(喜好)生活于在其中的全球?”的企业愿景(装个大愿为) A world that contai ns the ability to with us an beings like us 一个让大家必须与大家,及其别的类似大家的不会有体,支配权沟通交流会话的全球 That contains the ability to expand your senses, of contracting them 一个让大家能够“扩展”大家觉性力的全球,而不是“传送”大家觉性力的全球 So that you may receive as a more receptive antenna, higher frequency 那样的话,大家就不容易像一个更加灵巧的无线天线一样,对接到更高频的信息内容 By remaining in the center, in the eye of the storm, you will be far more capable of being receptive to the and the and the messages that we are always constantly sending 根据让自身立有中心方向,处于暴风眼当中,大家将非常大加强自身的对接工作能力,基本上必须对接到大家不断大大的地传送给大家的界面、信息内容与信息 Remember this! 忘记这句话! Remember this! 忘记它! Remember this! 一定忘记它! And take it to heart. 并,铭记在心 We 大家 We never leave you. 大家,不曾离开过大家! It is you that leave us! 只是大家,(自由选择)挨近大家 So choose the v, the frequency, the energy if you wish to have that kind of a world that represents what you believe we would do 因此 ,在遭遇即将到来的狂风暴雨中有可能经常会出现的各种各样状况时,(回过头来)如果我们就是你,如果你是大家,你强调,大家不容易如何做? if we were you, if you were us, in all the s that may arise in the upcoming storm 假如你要具有那样的全球,那麼,就自由选择这一震动,这一頻率,那样的能量吧! Stay in the center 待在暴风眼的正中间 And no matter how it may seem to swirl around you. No matter how scary it may seem. 无论四周看上去多么的地“势如破竹、天翻地覆”,无论令人觉得多么的地“令人震惊、不寒而栗” Be of the v of those with whom you associate, of those that you woul with that in no way shape or form represent the world that in your heart of hearts you truly prefer to experience. 针对这些与你有来往、有联络、頻率有一定的担心的人,你需要“提高警惕”,明智出有她们否象征着(符合)你诚心诚意想感受的全球 Now, of course, it is always up to you to make the choices that you believe are true for you 当然,哪一个才就是你强调对自身尤其精确的自由选择,由你自己规定 And we woul tell you to do otherwise, 大家也意味著会叫你“另作他选中” All we do is encourage you to un 大家所保证的,仅仅期待(提高)大家搞清楚: That if you wish to align with a version of earth that we are aligned with in your future. And have the and the freedom to play among the stars with us 假如大家要想在未来,转到(电台广播到)一个不会有着大家的版本号的地球上,而且,必须与我们一起在宇宙星系中支配权沟通交流,欢乐玩耍 That you choose to remain in the eye of the storm. No matter what rages around you 那麼,你也就务必自由选择待在暴风眼的正中间,而无论四周有多么的地“疾风侵蚀,大暴雨害” And that you look deep within your heart of hearts 而且,认识自己的心里,看清自身 And make choices, 然后,做出自由选择 Be strong, be courageous and be at peace in the upcoming time, in the crossing of the threshold 平静祥合路面对即将到来的岁月,刚毅胆量地越过这一门坎 For everything thereafter will take its cue from the seed you plant that year. 由于,以后再次出现的每一件事,都是指你一直在这一年所种下的種子中,培育出而产子的 We are always magn an the energies through the vortices of your planet 根据大家星体上的每个各有不同的能量涡旋中心,大家依然在加强、放缩这股(平衡的)能量 to help balance your world and give you a greater opportunity to slide smoothly across that threshold 帮助平衡大家的星体的能量,给予大家更高的、必须更为“丝滑地”儿时这一“门坎”的机遇 We have been talking about times of transition now for quite some time on your planet 大家讨论大家星体上再次出现的“更改时期”,也是有较长一段时间了 And as we already have exper with you things are changing rapidly on your world. 而且,大家也和大家一起经历了大家全球再次出现的众多比较慢变化 And as we have said they will only get crazier in the year to come. 如同大家讲到过的那般,在即将到来的一年里,这种变化,只不容易看起来更加恐怖 So do not make the measure of who you are as a being by what you see sw around you 因此 ,不必以围绕在你周边的人事情,来在于自身这个人,理应是哪些 Make that measure by who you know you prefer to be 只是以你告知自身“期待自身沦落哪些的人”,来在于自身 And stay in the center of the eye 而且,待在暴风眼的中心方向 Where the calmness and the peace in your heart and your mind, your soul, your spirit 在那里,你将大脑镇静药,心里祥合,精神实质衷于,生命平静 will allow you to have the resolve to stand firm in what you know to be true. 你也将忠实自身的决心,并死死地坚守你告知的、实际的、精确的物品 Really true, deep within your soul, deep within your hearts (也就是)这些来源于你内心深处,心灵深处的“真知” So that you can let go of those things that are truly not v compatible with the world you prefer to create. 那样的话,你也就能够(更非常容易地)拿出这些与你期待创设的全球的振频不相符合的人事情 There will always be another path. 依然至今,都不会有着另一条路面(信心) Just because sometimes your choices may seem l doesn't mean they actually are. 有时,你的自由选择“看上去”受到限制,但你没法因而就强调你的自由选择“了解”受到限制 There is always a thir! 总不会有着第三个自由选择! always! 依然全是这般! So let yourself be at peace enough 因此 ,让自身心里充裕平静平静 to find it, to see it, to walk it, together in harmony an and love. 你也就能找寻这一自由选择,看到这条信心,并与佛门弟子们一起人与环境愉悦地踏入这条路面 We will crystallize this idea again in the me at the end of this transm 大家不容易在提审完成前的冥想训练阶段,将这种意识,再一次紫水晶结构型(结晶化)到大家的观念当中 But for now, we wanted to have this heart-to-heart with you. 但如今,大家要想和大家 以心传心、心心相惜 And if you simply want to allow yourself to s everything we have just said 假如你要想“改动”大家不久讲到的这种 So that you can make your choices, your an more easily 进而更非常容易地明确明智、做出自由选择、下决心 Then once again, remind you 那麼,再作一次,我警示大家: And it can be any name in this position that is representative of the same kind of energy, of the energy of your higher mind 你所配搭的姓名,能够是一切姓名,他们都象征着某种意义的能量,也便是你的低我的能量 It doesn't have to be spec us 不一定得是大家 But if you're confused at any point 可是,任何时刻,如果你倍感疑虑 If you feel yourself being tugged away from that center at any point. 如果你觉得自身被拖离了暴风眼的中心方向 Just ask 那麼,你只务必问: What would the Essassan do? “爱莎莎尼人(巴夏),不容易如何做?” And do that 而且,就那么保证! And you will be fine and back in the center 随后,你将一切安好,并回到中心方向 For you know us well enough to know what we woul 由于,大家对大家充裕了解,告知大家将不容易怎样自由选择! Up to you. 这一切,都由你自己规定哦! We thank you for allowing us to have this heart-to-heart with you 感激大伙儿的容许,让我们能够与大家“促膝谈心,赤诚相聊” And in return for that gift, we ask how may we continue to be of service to you now in your an 做为礼品,大家十分乐意,在接下去的会话阶段,以后为大伙儿服务项目! Please begin as you so 要求趣开问!